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Selling your pride and joy can be a very stressful decision and making sure it's done right and that you maximise your value is pretty important!

Placing your reliance with Bramber Brooks to both promote your vehicle effectively and to obtain its best value is a great place to start, as is the decision whether to sell with: -

  1. A pre-determined reserve (agreed by you with the item only selling if the set reserve is met or bettered)
  2. No Reserve (The item sells for the highest received bid regardless of amount)
  3. The provision of a pre-set Buy-it-Now display price upon which activation becomes a confirmed sale and the auction ceases immediately. Using a Buy-it-Now can be utilised with either 1) or 2) as above.
  4. The choice is determined by you and yours to make!

We have tried to make things as simple as possible for you with our easy to complete 'selling form' and straightforward pricing structure. No hidden costs and no buyers fees to make things complicated.

Here's some guidance should it be needed: -

a) Completing the 'Sale Form'
b) Changing details of your Listing after its published
c) How to advise that your auction item is either now 'Under Offer' or 'Sold'
d) How to delete your Listing.

a) Completing the 'Sale Form' (Remember that you must register before you can sell)
  1. Private or Trade: Just select whether you are selling your vehicle on your own behalf or selling as a Business / Trader.
  2. Email Address: Hugely important that this is completed correctly, so please double check that your email is correct otherwise we won't be able to contact you regarding any potential buyers interest.
  3. Your Details: Please complete in full your Name, Address, Post/Zip Code and contact telephone numbers (a mobile number is useful so that we may contact you by both voice and text to discuss your listing or any changes / offers that may come forward)
  4. Your Item Listing: Select which Sale Classification you would like to sell under and then complete the other requested details. If the vehicle/boat is for competition or unfinished and non-registered then you will not be able to fill out the registration or date of registration details. Simply leave them empty. The same applies to other non-the MOT / Test expiry date.
  5. Vehicle Description: Please provide as much detail as possible about your item, its background, build history, previous owners, competition history, modifications etc. etc. The more the merrier!
  6. Past Insurance & Current Finance: Please complete in a fully forthcoming manner as you are legally responsible for these answers.
  7. Pictures of the Vehicle or Boat: This is the place where your vehicle or boat will really find a buyer, so the more detailed the pictures the better, current, past, build, show or whatever, you can upload up to 50 pictures to promote your listing.
  8. Video: If you have a short video of your vehicle or boat then upload here, or better still, if you have a YouTube or Vimeo video uploaded, then provide the link to it on the form.
  9. Price Required: You know what price you would like to obtain so for Auction, simply enter either 'No Reserve' (which means the car will sell to the highest bidder whatever the bid may be) or alternatively provide us with a minimum acceptable price (Reserve Price) upon which a sale will only conclude if this minimum price is reached by a bid equal to or exceeding the 'Reserve Price'. You can also provide a 'Buy-it-Now price which if offered, will automatically stop the auction and be sold to the buyer offering the Buy-it-Now price.
  10. Vehicle Purchase Payments: When selling your vehicle or boat using our Auction services, payment from the Buyer is made via the Bramber Brooks Stripe account where upon receipt of funds, all pre-determined Bramber Brooks fees are deducted and the balance transferred to your nominated account via Stripe. A full settlement notification will also be emailed to you detailing all received and settled sums.
  11. Special Requests: If you have any requests or specific details you would like Bramber Brooks to be aware of then this is the place to let us know.
  12. Declarations: Please ensure that you 'tick' all three (3) declaration boxes as without these being duly ticked, your sales form will not be sent!
b) Changing details of your 'Advert / Listing after its published

Following publication of your vehicle or boat listing for sale, you need to rectify an error, make a change or amend anything directly related to your advert or listing, changes can be made by sending an email to sales@bramberbrooks.com with your given unique reference number (found at the top of our confirmation acceptance email to you) in the subject space and then provide relevant details of changes within the body of the email. Please however note that we will only accept changes from the original seller and that after two changes per advert / listing, you may be charged a fee.

c) How to delete your Advert / Listing.

In the event you change your mind about selling your vehicle and wish to withdraw your vehicle from sale and delete your auction listing, then please send an email to sales@bramberbrooks.com with your given unique reference number (found at the top of our confirmation acceptance email to you) in the subject space and then provide notification within the body of your email that this is your wish. In the case of our Auction promotions, cancellation or additional charges will apply as listed in our pricing page here.

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