Here at Bramber Brooks our focus is to provide you with opportunities to purchase the motor or vessel of your dreams by bringing to you an array of options within the unique and unusual motor and marine sectors. All promoted items upon our website are carefully checked to the best of our ability for factual and truthful detail before being published. However, we can only go so far and must rely upon the information and pictures provided by our sellers as being correct as we act simply as an agent on behalf of the seller, not as the actual seller ourselves. We offer no warranty upon any vehicle or vessel sold through this website.

In any event that we should offer for sale a vehicle or vessel directly owned or associated with Bramber Brooks, there will always be clear indication and disclosure that this is the case.

Here's some simple guidance of how to buy on this website, should it be needed!

Browsing all the listed items for auction upon this website of Bramber Brooks is absolutely free to use. However, to request further information or to initiate an auction bid or to instigate a buy-it-now requires you to register prior to any further action being implemented.

Bidding and Buying upon our Auction Offerings. All vehicles and vessels included within our auctions are offered directly by the owner, which may be an individual or a Trader as detailed within the advert.

  • remember that auction sales, unless specifically stated otherwis, are 'buying as seen' or 'buying with no warranty' so always apply the adage of 'Caveat Emptor' (let the buyer beware), double check everything and you won't go far wrong!
  • If you require further information regarding any auction lot, simply complete the enquiry form to instigate the appropriate action, initially via the Bramber Brooks mail service.
  • If you are 'distance buying' that requires third party transport, escrow transfer handling, insurance, payment services etc. please check out our 'partners' section to seek professional help for Shipping, Finance or Insurance.
International Bidding Example.
  1. Find the auction item you are interested in bidding upon and check it's location.
  2. Get a 'shipping and customs quote' from our partners from point to point (including all relevant documentation etc if possible)
  3. Check and double check everything you need to know about the vehicle, the seller, payment methods etc.
  4. Enter your bid (or buy-it-now)
  5. If making a bid, watch the auction, modify your bid upwards if necessary... and wait!
  6. If entering a 'buy-it-now' you are entering a legal agreement to purchase with immediate effect, so only use this when you are ready to proceed and all pre-investigation and preparations are completed.
  7. Remember, that many sellers will require immediate payment prior to releasing their vehicle, this is totally understandable but potentially a risk to the buyer as well. Bramber Brooks recommends the use of our 'Escrow' partner (where acceptable by both buyer and seller) in order to minimise risk to both parties. (click here to see how 'Escrow' works with Bramber Brooks)
  8. Auction end arrives and congratulations, you have just made the winning bid but now you have to initiate communications, payment, shipping etc. that hopefully you will have already pre-arranged.
  9. In the event of any problems with your payment or collection / shipping from the seller, please check in the first instance with your chosen shipping or financial agents. Should you not be able to resolve issues then please revert to Bramber Brooks to seek if we are able to provide assistance.
  10. Enjoy your new acquisition and please continue to use Bramber Brooks services.

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