Building better ways to buy, sell, invest and enjoy motor vehicles with world of wheels, a member of the bramber brooks group.

Buying or Selling?

When wanting to sell your car (or truck or motorbike or camper-van) it's never easy to decide the best way... or how much to ask!

When wanting to buy a car (or truck or motorbike or camper-van) it's never easy to know the best way, what you are going to get or how much to pay!

With the ‘all new’ It is going to be a whole lot easier!

Launching Q3 2022

New Opportunities Coming

World of Wheels Ltd are looking forward to delivering a number of new
elements to the growing integrated World of Wheels group.

There is our online auction and sales due for launch a bit
later this year. Here you decide how you want to sell or buy a vehicle at very
affordable pricing... plus some new elements not previously available???

With another first we plan to make available during the
later part of this year. Here you will be able to consider opportunities in
fractional ownership of rare and collectable vehicles, from supercars (fancy a
bit of a Bugatti Veyron?) or a share of a former F1 car? And all secured and
covered by smart contracts under blockchain technology! (but sorry, you
don’t get to drive them!)

Also coming soon is where there are plans in the mix to
provide some super interesting events and activities throughout the UK ...
and possibly further afield as well ... Watch this space for the latest updates!